Pass Protection

A Weekly Football Devotional



Pass Protection is simply a 11-week devotional book, geared towards the football season. These short and significant devotions were written by a youth pastor and high school football chaplain.


Pass Protection merges scriptures and actual football stories, while tackling some issues that parents, teachers, coaches and athletes could face on a daily basis.

No matter who we might be or where we find ourselves today, there is something in this book that will benefit us if you allow it to. All you have to do is slow down long enough to realize that all of us who are believers need to take out time and have a moment with God.

Cyrus Webb  - Conversations Live Book Club



I'm always looking for resources to recommend, so I downloaded this teen devotional. I found myself smiling as I enjoyed page after page. It's so practical and relatable, I knew young people would love it, but I loved it too!

Rick Manis - Author and Motivational Speaker

A Moment With God:

A Teen Devotional



Kenny Bowyer works as a youth pastor in  Chouteau, OK. His first book, A Moment With God: Teen Devotional, is his attempt to reach beyond his youth group to those who don’t have the guidance or encouragement they need to make the right life choices or to develop that relationship with God. It is also for teens that have loving parents but need to hear again from someone else the same things their parents are already saying.



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